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    description: the once last moment i feel the blurrish stadium!

    i took this at the national stadium .. nt a good timing to shoot on tt day.. which they have soccer at nite.
    alot of eqs is there ...

    it was my favourite shot i can say..

    happen to see this pool of water have a reflection of the stadium

    C&C plss!
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    1) Doesn't seem to have a point of focus
    2) More abstract than anything else, but even in its abstraction there doesn't seem to be any sense of purpose
    3) Personally I have no idea how to suggest you can improve this shot, but I think to be honest, there is no picture in that particular frame you chose

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    you should have include "pool of water".

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    You may also want to mention "reflection of the stadium's lights" rather than just "reflection of the stadium". It's an artistic expression, but the 'story' and the picture are not in sync.

    About the focus, somebody said already.
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    description was:

    the once last moment i feel the blurrish stadium!


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