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Thread: need help on purchase of digicam

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    Talking need help on purchase of digicam

    hi everyone,

    i'm a green horn in photography, nonetheless i hope to buy a reasonably good digicam for my incoming excursion. could anyone kindly give me some recommendations? (act i'm choosing among the brands Canon, Olympus, Minolta and Nikkon.. perhaps u may hv better ideas?)

    what are the factors to consider when choosing a digicam? What abt battery life-span?

    in addition, may i know how good is canon ixus? (seems like everyone's talk9 abt it...) someone commented Canon V3's quite crap compared to the Minolta F100 which is about the same price and it's 4MP..

    many many thanks in advance!!

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    Check with the Hainanese Anthony at Alan Photo in Sim Lim Square. He will be too glad to help.

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    Have you read this sticky thread ?


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