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Thread: Pepsi Ice Cucumber: Now On Sale!

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    Arrow Pepsi Ice Cucumber: Now On Sale!

    Pepsi Ice Cucumber officially went on sale today, and you should be able to find it in most supermarkets and convenience stores around Japan.

    While the bottle clearly describes it as “combination” of cucumber and cola, there just isn’t much cola flavor to it.

    The drink takes on a somewhat sweet and fruity flavor, but the artificial cucumber flavor is noticeable, in my opinion.

    It’s interesting for a few sips, but then the artificial cucumber aftertaste kicks in, making it pretty nasty. At the supermarket I went to, there was a huge dent in the Ice Cucumber display, which probably meant a lot of people bought a few bottles because of the novelty/hype.

    It will be interesting to see if its popularity lasts…
    Anybody else try Pepsi Cucumber Ice?
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