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    example standard lense smc P-A 50mm F2.0 <--
    from the above issit mean that it will not be able to zoom AT ALL and i have to position myself such that i can capture the way i want it as shown in the eyepiece?
    Does it also mean that i have to stand in a good distance to get sharp image? Or the camera will focus AT that range?

    very confuse with the mm stuff.

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    If the lens only states its a 50mm means that its fixed at that focal length and you cannot change it. Yes you will have walk either towards or away from your subject if you need capture it differently.

    The min focus distance will differ from lens to lens and sharpness is dependant on many factors including the optics, your shutter speed, any motion from the subject and possibly human errors in focus-recompose methods.
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    The 50mm specified only refers to the focal length of the lens. This can be roughly translated to how large the subject will be magnified in your image. If you are closer to the image, the image will certainly appear larger.

    The lens will also specify a minimum focus distance. If the distance between you and the subject is less than the min focus distance, you will not be able to focus on the subject at all. Beyond that, most lenses should allow you to focus at any distances.

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    tks for the input bros... I think i understand le
    tks you very much

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    Do note that those lenses which does not internally focus may cause the composition to change as you focus due to the movement of the lens group back or forth.
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