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    Hi guys.

    It started off when I noticed some sunlight coming through a window and reflecting off a chair. Felt that the glossy surface of the chair reflected the light quite interestingly.

    The figurine was placed there and a fast shutter was used to underexpose the scene and to darken shadow areas (original picture was not dark enough so I darken it futher in PP). I was hoping that the upward light would create some shadow on the figurine's face to make it look sad.

    I wanted to achieve the feeling as if the figurine is sad and was waiting escape from the "world" it is in.. did I manage to achieve this?


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    Interesting idea and natural lighting on the figurine. however, the big white space at bottom right draws the viewer straight out of the photo. I would have prefered to frame or crop more tightly to eliminate the white space. I can't see the feeling of being "trapped" here, unless you included some additional elements such as the shadows of the window grilles in the frame and on the figurine.


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