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Thread: What would you choose?

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    Default What would you choose?

    If someone wants you to shoot flora, possibly for prints larger than 11" x 17", what would camera would you choose for the best balance between quality and ease of handling?

    Rental possibilities

    1) 30D and EF 100mm macro

    2) 5D and EF 100mm macro

    3) 6x6 or 6x7, shoot in slides and do a digital scan. I know of only one person here renting out a Blad but that's only with a standard lens (no tubes), so it might be restrictive.

    LF would be the best, quality wise, but handling would be hell, and so would operating costs.

    Assuming option #3, does anyone knows of medium format rentals suitable for close-up work?

    Which option would you choose?

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    Default Re: What would you choose?

    defn a 6x6, have done one for a half wallpaper, result is amazing.
    not sure about rental, possible for u to bring it in to a studio?

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    Thanks for the reply tribal.snake!

    Not really possible to do a studio shoot at the moment.

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    Or does anyone know of 1Ds MkIIs for rent?


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