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Thread: Need HELP Regarding Exif info

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    Default Need HELP Regarding Exif info

    When I use Photoshop CS2 to open my NEF, then I go to file > file Info > Camera Data 1 and 2. All the input are empty. Is it normal?
    If I want all the exif info to present at the File Info, how am I going to do it?
    Please Help. Thanks.

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    No reply at all???

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    If it isn't there it isn't there.
    Why would you want it to appear if it isn't there?

    If you want your EXIF to be present, then just save it as it is, do not use Save to Web or anything like that.

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    Think you mistaken my question. What I am asking is is it normal that if I open NEF straight into PS CS2 and the exif is not there?

    I want it to appear there for my personal reference. For my personal workflow, I nvr include Bridge in it, so if I want to check my aperture and shutter speed, I can refer straight to the file, can save me so much trouble instead of open up bridge and locate my NEF file. You get me?

    The problem is I can't even view my exif when I open straight using ps then how to save it as it is???
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