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Thread: Lens and Dust enquiry

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    I've of 'changing bags' for changing lenses when outdoors.

    Anyone knows why/why these work? Could it be the material is static dissipative so that charges don't build up to attract dust? Or are they just regular bags?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stratix View Post
    i dont think you can detect lens dust by shooting. the spots that you see when you stop down to f/22 are SENSOR dust, not lens dust.

    if you're pointing to the skies, your lens probably goes into infinity focus, hence any spots on the lens (trust me. you can even have a pea size dust spot) and you wont be able to see any spots on your picture. this is because the dust on the lens will probably bokeh out already. the only way to photograph dust on lens is to focus on the front element of the lens itself (assusming the dust is on the front element). that's not possible as far as i know.

    Dont worry about dust in lens. it will NEVER affect quality, unless you have fungus or dust spots that is as big as coins.
    Hey Stratix, Thanks for the info. I'll focus more on shooting great pictures instead of worrying about dust
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