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Thread: wat do u think of this deal?

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    Default wat do u think of this deal?

    got it off an auction on ebay!

    *Minolta X-700 Camera Body with 5 Lenses
    *Osawa 28mm f2.8 MD Lens
    *Minolta 50mm MD Lens
    *Sears 28-70mm Auto Zoom Telephoto Lens
    *Sears 80-200mm Auto Zoom Telephoto Lens
    *Tou/Five Star 500mm Telephoto Lens and case
    *Minolta Auto 280 Automatic Flash
    *Minolta Motor Drive 1 Auto Winder
    *Padded Canvas Case

    The Minolta X-700 has long been regarded as one of the top SLR cameras on the market, still used by many professionals. This camera and the variety of lenses and auto winder will give you everything you need to get those great pictures! The 28-70mm lens has some slight cosmetic damage to the body but it operates fine. All other parts are in mint condition. No Reserve!

    All for SGD$650!
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    I think you are going to have great fun with this camera. Excellent range of focal lengths. How I wish I have a 500mm telephoto lens. Great deal.

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    Quick! Go get it!

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    Be careful of the shipping cost, it might cost more than the value of those Sears and Osawa and Five Star lenses. And besides the Minolta stuffs, you might have problem getting rid of them later. If S$650 is ALL you need to pay, go get it!

    Be careful and Good luck!

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    Congratulations! Looks like you have gotten yourself a good deal! eBay is slow these days. The Sears lenses are likely Cosina lenses which are quite good lenses, comparable to Canon and Nikon lenses................:-) you won't be able to see the difference!.......

    Hong Sien


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