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    Please have a look at our great new upcoming Workshops in Chiang Mai & Kerala. Follow the link to our homepage:

    Once there, go to workshops and you can download PDF files for your information.

    We can promise you a great experience with a lot of photo opportunities, new gear to try and knowledge shared from first hand professional experience.

    The workshops are supported by SILK AIR and Canon.



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    looks amazing.

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    we hope it will be amazing ;-)

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    Hi Felix. I will definitely bookmark your website for future reference. Need to save up now...

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    No problem Draeger

    There is more in the coming, as we are still gathering more partnerships for 2008 already. At the moment we are discussing to organize a "teaser" workshop this year sometime for people who look for something a bit shorter (3 to 4 days).

    The workshops as they are tailored now aim to get as much out of the destination experience, as the photography.

    Who feels similar to Draeger or cant sign up for this workshops now, drop me an email and I will keep you updated on the upcoming workshops.

    Please remember this workshops are tailored for small groups to get the most out of it for everybody. Please read the pressrelease for more information., go to workshops.

    With 6 people we give it a go, but with 10 its a full house already...


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    oops there was a misspelling with the link its

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    Update on the workshop:

    Canon confirms to support the Chiang Mai workshop with some of their latests cameras and lenses.

    Everyone who signs up will now have the chance to get his/her hand on the brand new Canon Mark lll and the exciting & established Canon 5D for a test run ;-)

    After SILK AIR, Canon is the second major brand who is keen to support our workshops... stay tuned.


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    Hi Felix

    Your workshops sounds like fun and a great way to relax and yet learn more about photography but 9 to 10 days leave may be a bit difficult to get especially at these times of the year.

    Will definitely try to join one of your workshops in future when I can get away for a longer period.



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    For the Chiang Mai workshop you would need at this stage between 5 to 7 days leave, depending on your arrival/departure schedule (unless you are working on a 6 or 7 days a week schedule).

    The reason is to take full advantage of the Yi Peng festival at that time of the year.

    The India workshop is scheduled indeed 2 days longer, as we figure that India is further away and not only the attraction spread a bit more, but also the trip is longer to get there.

    The last we want is to rush people through a tight schedule.

    But I'm happy to get feedback like yours, it will definately help us to make our workshops even more interesting and to find the perfect mixture in the future.



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