Hi guys,

I guess one of the reason why PS don't fully support 16 bit files is because it takes a damn long time to process even with the fastest processor, be it Mac or PC. Files from a digital is very small even if it is 16 bit. My slides that was scanned at an 8bit RGB file of 60mb already took a long time to process. If it was scanned at 16 bit, I would have an effective 120mb!

Funny thing is my 16bit file from D100 is only 32mb but it took a longer time to open, process, or even save as compared to a 60mb 8 bit file that was scanned from slides. The last I heard (rumour only), PS is working towards allowing full compatibility with all the tools on 16 bit files.

As to my experience, hee hee... I happened to work in a Professional Photo Lab but I deal more on international clients from cosmetics, fashion, advertising and events companies, and majority are based around asia. I happened to be a photographer also. One of the reasons I got into digital photography was because I am so sick with having to scan my films. I was documenting an island for a few years and I went thru about nearly 2000 rolls of films. Even if I were to be selective and choose one best picture per roll, I would still have 2000 pictures to scan in. So I decided to buy a digital camera.


Andy Ho