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Thread: NTU Students: Change of Date for Air tickets for Free

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    Default NTU Students: Change of Date for Air tickets for Free

    Hope I didnt cause any confusion, this thing DO NOT only apply to NTU students.

    I am affected by the postponement of exams for two weeks as I have booked my air tickets through Qantas, to depart on the 12th May(exams end on 17th May now).

    However, I called Qantas at 67341818 regarding this.

    They told me that the date can be changed FOR FREE! (originally told us that a change will incur admin cost of $75)

    It could be due to the SARS outbreak that they adopted such understanding approach.

    Therefore I would like to share this info with the others that are affected by this postponement, and also Commend Qantas for this.

    Hope it helps

    Forgot to add, conditions apply
    eg. Peak season have to top up, subjected to availability.... etc etc

    and pls call to confirm again in case you booked the tickets from Qantas too, just in case I got it wrong.

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    hey ajneo ..

    THANX for this timely info !! *appreciative* ..

    me affected by the SARS outbreak too .. am supposed to leave for sydney on 26/4 for holiday .. but pressure from family and frens ve made me changed my mind instead .. mama insisted me to stay by her side ..

    called the agency MANY TIMES but they simply refuse to entertain us .. citing no changes can be made ..

    will call qantas to double check ..

    once again .. THANX !!

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    me also supposed to leave on 8th april for sydney also.
    but i on emirites.



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