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    I will like feedback on the composition.
    I have composed the picture this way using the bamboo stalk, [from roughly upper left third to lower right third] as the imaginary line along the gaze of the bird

    I will like feedback on photography techniques.
    The following is the camera settings used to photograph this picture.
    I have chosen aperture priority, using D70 built-in flash, f2.8 80-200 lens at 200, about 2m from subject.

    I will like feedback on post processing techniques.
    I have done the following post processing; sharpening and gradual tinting.

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    A portrait orientation would be better I guess, too much dead spaces...I dun like the tail being cropped away slightly...can leave more room for the tail...

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    i think the flash is abit too harsh, esp near its belly... was it really that dark to make u use flash even though u have a f/2.8?

    I like the diagaonal stalk, n the fact that u gave the bird abit more space above it's gazing upwards @ something...


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