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Thread: Photography - Trainable or Talent?

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    I think its trainable. So what if someone tells u its all about talent? are u gonna just stop there?

    First u must determine if its what u like to do. if its ur passion then i'm sure u will work hard on it. and when u work hard on it i'm sure u will get better. learn from many sources. learn from seeing the masters works and keep reading and learning, and keep upgrading yourself. I'm not sure how far u will go just by believeing that it brings good money though.

    just like any other profession like the doctors and lawyers, do u think they are not spending long hours to hone their skills?

    and just to convince you that its trainable, search clubsnap on the post by the pros and see their past works... feel better?

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    Default Re: Photography - Trainable or Talent?

    Photography is trainable, but some people have a gift for colours and awareness to what the eye sees, and these people tend to be better.

    But then again, if you wanna shoot, just do it. Even if you've got no talent, at first you'll think your photos are crap, but with practice your photos will become better.
    (of course without practice over a long period of time will cause your photography skills to deteriorate, so practise, practise, practise)

    (I'm no expert in photography, just an amatuer who used to hate photography at first but now love it thanks to my Photography lecturer in school)

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    Quote Originally Posted by lilboytoy View Post
    Would just like to throw this question out - would you say that photography is an abstract skill whereby practice can only do so much, or it is something that can be trained?
    Photography is basically visual arts and you can start by following rules. Composition rules like rules of thirds, vanishing lines, triangular placement, shapes, geometries etc are more important followed by tonal and then colour. After you have mastered these, then you can start to experiment by breaking the rules while still maintaining the aesthetics associated with the rules.

    Best way to learn is to watch movies. You will find that from scene to scene certain rules are always observed, when it's broken in certain scenes to emphasize certain things etc.. That's how good those renowned Director of Photography are.
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    Everyone Cheer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Practice Makes Perfect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheer

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    this is not 100% training or 100% talent..everyone need both.

    if you work hard enough, you sure can make it, but still need a little talent, have you ever see someone been shooting for many years and yet still very boring? seem don't improve much over the years.

    and have you seen someone with great eyes, creative mind, but the technique are super "suck"?

    so some of them are more talented, and some of them are more hardworking, everyone need both.
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    Talent + Belief + Initiative + Focus + Preparation + Practice + Perseverance + Character

    If you have all these, you'll go far.

    You can have talent alone and fall short of your potential. It's what you add to your talent that makes the greatest difference.

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