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    Sorry to be part of and in having the Poll: How much do you charge for actual day wedding by singscott closed by mod.

    On Photo Biz, anything from pricing, market, technology, etc., those that will directly or indirectly affect the biz will be controversial. It will create opportunities to some and poses threats to others. Some take it overly serious while some lightly.

    Nothing is constant. Taste, style, trend is ever changing. New start-ups and biz models are tested, some failed, while some become the standard.
    Keep abreast with technology, create a style, start a trend. You’ll be successful. Good Luck!

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    Well, every industry has it's cycle, and only business people who see it coming and make timely changes / restructuring are the Ones who will progress and thrive.
    just1book, no kidding!

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    Thank you for your kind sharing


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