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    Hi all! I'm seeking critique in the following areas:
    1. composition - I was playing around with the negative space technique while trying to keep loosely to the rule of thirds.
    2. The picture is to show the two small birds looking out into the big sky where they belong while perched on a pole, contemplating the vastness of it. Has the picture achieved that?
    3. Personally thought that the upper right corner was blown out but not too sure if that has a negative or positive effect. Noise was also a tad high as I was shooting at ISO400, way higher than I usually shoot 'cos the amount of light available just wasn't enough. Am using a Canon Powershot A640.
    4. OOT, but there's a black speck in the picture just above the birds. Cleaned my lenses aldy but it's still there. Reckon it's a speck of dust on the sensor?
    Thanks all!

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    - The spots I believe are sensor dust, can be removed by Photoshop cloning method.

    - This shot must be taken at Changi Boardwalk (correct me if wrong). The sky is too blown out. Should try and shoot during the early hours or late afternoon to achieve nicer colours of the sky. Try to meter the sky more and the 2 birds will become a Silhouette which I feel will have more impact.

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    Personally i'd position the birds more prominently; right now they dont seem to be a strong enough focal point... as for rule of thirds, this doesn't look like a thirds point to me silhouetting might also bring across the message stronger, as what James said.

    just my two cents.
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