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Thread: dust on sensor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edgedale View Post
    There's another better and cheaper way and also crazy way to clean away dust from your sensor. If you are crazy enough to do it....

    There's this product from Germany called Discofilm. It's a water base gel which you need to spray onto your sensor and after it dry up, you remove the layer of film from the sensor and all remaining dusts will be embed onto the film.
    is this available in spore? if yes where can i buy?
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    Quote Originally Posted by totoro17 View Post
    is this available in spore? if yes where can i buy?
    No.. there is no one retail such product. Only can order from their website. It will be cheaper if a group of friends order one bottle and share.

    As for how to use it, i did watched a live demo from a video podcast. The host use his EOS 5D's Full Frame sensor to try it for the 1st time. And the result is stunning. As clean as new.

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    hi, i was introduced to this link on sensor cleaning which i found very informative :

    you can get Eclipse (Photographic Solutions, Inc) from here :

    but if your cam is still on warranty, bringing it for to the service centre is safer. but it is still good to know how to maintain your own cam, though for certain brands, it voids your warranty if you clean it yourself.

    singapore is not only dusty but humid. this makes ordinary dust attach more firmly on the sensor which a blower sometimes cannot get rid of. even newer cams with the latest technological advances on antistatic or vibration to get rid of the dust is not guaranteed to ensure that your sensor stays dust free, so this can be quite a headache for those who want to have their sensors clean all the time

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