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Thread: Need some opinion: A70 or 2nd hand V3 or S400

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    eh..anyone knows if a70 with lens adapter..will it block the viewfinder?

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    Originally posted by fruitybix
    friend, you are right on the wideness of the yashica. most DCs, if not all, will never achieve 28mm wide, the A70 is 38mm, if im not wrong, which is a bit of a problem occasionally. Since you already have the yashica, enjoy it, it is a reliable workshorse, that will probably outlast the A70 anyways...
    I hope there'll be a smaller version of the Kodak 4800 (28 mm wide) in the future and offers similar controls... then I start itching
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    Default S400

    Originally posted by Tweek
    value wise, the A70 will be nice. But after looking at the sample pics, in my opinion S400's picture quality is better, megapixel difference aside. I base my deduction on dcresource's sample pics.

    Saw A70 2 days ago, very nice and cold design.
    Nice pictures taken in your photo gallery. Were the shots taken by S400 or ...?


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    Tomshen.... u did it... broke loose the demon in me.. buy buy buy..
    the same qn u asked has been on my mind for the past 2 months

    was looking for exactly the same thing as u have have then narrowed down to teh a70........

    after reading so much more.. i dread to think wat will happen will my next pay cheque comes....

    told myself not gonna spend more money on cameras..=)

    HELP..... someone kill taht urge to buy.....

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    Default Re: S400

    Originally posted by Lazy_Sab
    Nice pictures taken in your photo gallery. Were the shots taken by S400 or ...?

    thanks. They're taken by A70 actually, but not all though....My equipment's all list out in the "equipment" page.

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