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Thread: Where to find good kaya?

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    Default Where to find good kaya?

    ya Kun, Wang Jiao, Katong Chin Mei Chin or....?
    Need to bring some to colls in Japan.
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    Default Re: Where to find good kaya?

    dunno wad brand got XO kaya. available in most supermarkets. dun think got XO dun tastes v eggy!

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    Default Re: Where to find good kaya?

    none of them
    the best kaya is found in a coffee shop OPPOSITE the supposedly famous "OLD TOWN COFFEE" stall.....


    the rest found in SG? and outside? no comparison..

    the only one that can beat that one that i just mentioned?

    My grandmother's, mum's, aunties' (mum's sisters) homemade recipe

    better consistency and even more fragrant

    YUM !


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