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Thread: What display color profile do you use?

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    Question What display color profile do you use?

    Hi, i've always wondered what color profile you use on your computer LCD/monitor to view pictures? I'm using a first-gen intel iMac and I currently have always used the default "iMac" display profile. However, i note that there are others available to use too, such as "Adobe RGB", "Generic RGB", and "sRGB profile". From what I understand my Canon 400D records images in sRGB profile? Am I right?


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    Display profiles and colour space profiles are diffrent things. Display profiles are usualy applied to the monitor to give 'accurate' colours after calibration. Generic profiles may not that accurate as its is like a factory default profile.

    The colour space profiles for images define just how the colour information in stored. Adobe RGB supposedly gives a wider gamut but sRGB is fine in most cases.
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