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    I'm new here...i'm excited about finding a community where i can talk about photography (and some of my other hobbies) - instead of constantly thinking about work (i work in marketing - teheh). i am from the dc area and really enjoy the outdoors and the summer weather. any other east coasters here? im very social and want to meet new people so please feel free to say hi!!

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    welcome here mate .

    feel free to share pics in the gallery section .

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    Hi there, welcome to ClubSNAP, hope you enjoy here..

    and welcome to Singapore, from our east coast to west coast only take 20mins of driving....

    we have summer all year round, so some of us would prefer to stay indoor most of the time... lol

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    Hi sis,

    welcome to the big family. Enjoy your stay.
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    Welcome Sister to the world of Photography. Welcome to Sunny singapore where it is Summer all year round too. Enjoy your stay in Clubsnap as we share our "talent" and others...

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    It is the camera, not the photographer.
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    thanks for the warm welcome =) i look forward to seeing everyones photos in the gallery

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    Hope you can have a wonderful and fulfilling experience with photography.
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