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Thread: Microdrive vs CF

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    Default Microdrive vs CF

    As usual, I did a search before posting this thread, but did not find much.
    I saw a 8gb microdrive on special and would like to know how it would compare to the normal 8gb CF cards?
    Anyone here with experience/stories?

    If choosing between the two, which would you use? Microdrive or CF?
    The non-microdrive CF card costs more (about 40% more). Is it worth the premium?
    How does the speed compare? and reliability?

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    The microdrive is a hard disk. It will consume more energy and be slightly slower. Dropping it may also cause damage, more than for a CF card, which is just solid-state memory. I took this from my recollection of Thom Hogan's guide to the D200. You should be able to locate some more reviews on the web.

    from a quick Google search.

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    Default Re: Microdrive vs CF

    It is the camera, not the photographer.
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    Default Re: Microdrive vs CF

    I think Microdrive is outdated as CF card can be as high a capacity (8gb or so) & even high speed like 133x or 266x even...

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    Default Re: Microdrive vs CF

    There is no reason to use microdrive for your camera at all. Granted a 8GB microdrive is much cheaper than a 8GB CF card. However with the price of CF card dropping, getting 4x2GB or 8x1GB, is a much better solution to 1x8GB microdrive. A bit more expensive, but the CF card last infinately longer.

    I had a 1GB IBM microdrive long time ago. At that time, I also used 256MB CF cards, I had 10 or so. The CF card is still working, the microdrive is now resting in peace!
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    A Microdrive is fragile. It has all of the risks associated with solid state CF cards (corruption, etc) AND the risks associated with anything that has moving parts. But having said that, I used to use a microdrive several years back, when it cost about $600(!) for 1GB and it served me reliably for more than 18 months. The only issue is that it tends to consume more power and if your batt is weak and the MD doesn't spin properly, you get some corrupted images. It usually takes 1-2 seconds to power up to full spin, so your overall camera start-up time is also delayed.


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