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Sorry, I don't quite get it, warned where? I don't see the post.
Of course you dont get it. Because you are the one who sent it.

You are now being de-registered for the following reasons
1) Registering clone nicks on CS - fotodaud and Mcnally and nikontiger
2) Sent harassment PM to fellow CSers.

I am sorry to spoil everyone's popcorn fun. But this has definitely gone too far. TS started off this discussion and continue to register new nicks to put on a 双簧 show thinking he can escape notice from CS admins. Worse of all, it turns into one that involves harassment.

Members who believe creating clone nicks is something they can get away with think CS is their playground, I will urge them to think twice.

I have advised all SUs and Mods to watch out for such folks and behaviour in future.

PS : I have all the related information about this person. And I am archiving this thread in case we need it for legal investigation in future.