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Thread: Do you call yourself a "photographer"?

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    Default Re: Do you call yourself a "photographer"?

    I'd like to, but I've been called a Paparazzi before.

    That doesn't seem like a good sign.

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    Default Re: Do you call yourself a "photographer"?

    Quote Originally Posted by felixcat8888 View Post
    "Photo-Enthuasist" or "Amatuer"
    Quote Originally Posted by Sion View Post
    "Non-pro weekend photo-enthusiast with full amateur status equipped with semi-pro gear and a passion for no-pay wedding photography and event photography that requires a ladder".

    Quote Originally Posted by eikin View Post

    that's so naughty
    Quote Originally Posted by waileong View Post
    "Photo-teller" quite audacious. You know how hard it is to be a photojournalist (ie someone who tells his stories through photographs)?
    Well quoted.. Hmm, perhaps we should not be bothered by what the title is. I find very nice and well taken pictures on this forum and members of this forum have also benefited me in one way or another..

    A big thank you to all, whether you are termed photographer, camera-man, camera owner, enthusiast etc.. We all learned from each other.
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    Default Re: Do you call yourself a "photographer"?

    Quote Originally Posted by wong_se View Post
    my question is that - Do you print out any PHOTO ?
    If not..I rather see that merely taking image.

    Click on shutter, do digital processing..and no not a complete process of photography.

    Just like..have u ever been to a photography exhibition with there are only PICTURE shown on LCD and no actual PHOTO on display ???
    I believe that this is quite one-track-mind.

    Just because you don't print means you're not taking photographs? I think that's rather ridiculous. Do your friends ask you for photos on msn? I'm sure they do. Similarly, there are people who do not post-process, or do not print, but they are still called photographers.

    Take a wedding AD photographer as an example. No doubt he will print some selected shots, but the rest of the shots are given in a DVD form, and do you not call the person who captured the shots and produced the DVD a photographer as well?

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    Default Re: Do you call yourself a "photographer"?

    i'm just a shutter pressing whore

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    Default Re: Do you call yourself a "photographer"?

    Quote Originally Posted by Stratix View Post
    i'm just a shutter pressing whore
    You let people simply touch your camera body?

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    Default Re: Do you call yourself a "photographer"?

    Quote Originally Posted by lightning View Post
    A photographer is define as someone who takes photos, so if you take photos, you are a photographer! Why are there so many other terms given to person who performs the action of taking photo?

    If you teach you are call a teacher, be it sunday school teacher, tution teacher or school teacher, if you teach you are a teacher.

    If you bake, you are called a baker. Whether what you bake is nice or not, if you bake you are called a baker.

    So you you take a photo, you are a photographer. If a 2 year old boys takes a shot, and produce a photo, he is the photographer. Cos when people sees the photo, people will ask who is the photographer who take this shot? No one will ask who is the camera man, who is the camera operator, who is the lens man and etc..

    but really, at the end of the day, who cares ... all it matters is that the picture created is good and lets not go into the defination of "good".

    Actually, it does not matter. The quality of the picture is irrevelant.
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    Default Re: Do you call yourself a "photographer"?

    "What's in a name? that which we call a rose
    By any other name would smell as sweet" - Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, 1594

    I don't think what you call yourself is important at all. It's the passion for photography that makes you what you are.


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    Default Re: Do you call yourself a "photographer"?

    No,I think I just a Amatuer
    Check my work,thanks

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    Default Re: Do you call yourself a "photographer"?

    quite an interesting point of view from fellow cs members...just like what i have said from the beginning...just share your thought / flaming and trash or crap talking, pardon be if i offend somebody (apology) ...

    share your point of view...that's all I am asking for...

    keep it coming gals and guys or better yet CS'ers...
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    Default Re: Do you call yourself a "photographer"?

    Quote Originally Posted by arpinkor View Post
    I always thought there were 7 levels of photographers? I'm at the bottom levels. I need to borrow Sion's ladder to move up.
    Thank you sooo much for the link! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

    When people ask me what I do, I usually say I'm a photographer (even though I also do design) because it is easy to understand.

    When people ask if I'm pro, I say yes because I get paid. Now, that's not the same as being good. Pro, to me, simply means you are paid. I know so many people who are wonderful photographers with images better than pros.

    BUT! According to the article, I should now call myself Amatuer instead since only 50% of my income is from photography. But that's just to complicated to explain!

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    Default Re: Do you call yourself a "photographer"?

    interesting thread. haha. during event coverage, when i really must answer or need it to get somewhere, then i'll pluck up the courage to use it..or else normally i wont la. heh.

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