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    Decided to do a self portrait again after I last did one 3 years ago. I originally intended for something more complex, but the logistics I had at home didn't quite allow for it so I produced a preliminary one first. I'm happy with the simplicity but there are also quite a number of faults that I have detected with the image( I need to light the smoke, tidy the hair a little. for example). Just wanna know what you guys think of this work in progress. CnC appreciated. Thanks.

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    well u are right abt the light on the smoke. would be better with it and maybe some smoke. i like the editing.

    good work.

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    was shadow highlight applied? there is halo-ing all around the subject, nice expression and mood intended but it looks fake with the processing. I find the tan skin (or perhaps dodged?) quite alright giving the rugged look overall. Take note of the chair's frame which i find distracting.

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    Thanks sprintist and shah for taking the time to offer your thoughts. Appreciate it!

    Sprintist --> The PP I applied for the image involved some usage of the high-pass filter, which is what caused the slight haloing. I agree about the chair's frame, and I will most certainly find a more suitable object to sit on when I finally do get the proper self-portrait done. Thanks for pointing this out.

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    dragan effect? I like this look, but have not found the "perfect formulation" yet. u did lots of dodge/burn?

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    Quote Originally Posted by espion View Post
    dragan effect? I like this look, but have not found the "perfect formulation" yet. u did lots of dodge/burn?
    The dodge/burn bit is quite minor. I love the look too but not too easy to achieve. I can only get an approximation of the draganisation effect but I feel it's not quite there. I get something like it mostly through fiddling with the high pass filter and blending modes. Trying to experiment around to get closer.

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    I think you should not crop away the right hand and also the left arm should be visible to show the connection of the hand to the body.

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    wanna share your techniques? I play ard with channels, but its not it yet.

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    Hi Stoned,

    I too like the effect and overall look of the photo, but, the floating hand could be someone elses.

    The cigarette would be better lit and with a swirl of smoke, (hey, it could even be a joint given your nick is Stoned )

    Good look and PS work.

    Time, is an effortless construction :)

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    Hi Pablo and Harry, thanks for giving your thoughts. I agree with the fact that it's too tight of a crop and will most certainly take note of that when I do the final version. I must must really light the smoke(probably not a joint cos then I'd be inviting arrest on a public forum )

    Espion, the technique isn't mine cos I do what I do now after some advice from a thread I started in digital darkroom regarding draganisation. I simply apply a duplicate layer and apply the high pass filter. I then fiddle with the blending modes. That's about it.


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