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    Hi CSer,
    My friend just returned my Kenko wide angle lens,52mm. He told me that he drop the front lens cover accidently.
    Sigh... sigh damn... ... but he is my good friend.
    BTW, I bought this lens at MS but they are not selling the cover so how can I get it? is it possible to buy? where?

    Pls help me...

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    I don't know about specific lens cover for Kenko esp. but a generic one can be had at "The Camera Workshop" -- Peninsula Plaza (lvl 1).

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    some design of lense cover do fall off easily... i bought some tt doesn't grip d lense thread well, pls do check d shops ard Peninsula Plaza & Funan area for diff types available.

    i regret wasting a few $$ on crappy products.

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    Thanks to yyD70s and sore-eyez for your info.
    I will go there and find out.


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