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    This Sunday I invite all Clubsnappers to our modest studio/gallery in Pasir Panjang. At the moment I have an exhibition of photographs taken recently in Siem Reap but we are hoping to attract other photographers to take advantage of the great space we have to exhibit their own works.

    So if you are interested in Cambodia or at looking at the space available for studio shoots or an exhibition, pop along to 236A Pasir Panjang Road on Sunday from 10am to 4pm.

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    Hey! to all the models and talents in Clubsnap

    Do drop by too as we're on the lookout for models and talents of all genders, races, and ages (even kids and parents!) for our upcoming shoots.

    See you guys there

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    upz for u !!!!!

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    Thanks Will for the upz. The gallery space will be available to photographers during July and August so if you are interested in hosting a small exhibition then do try to come along tomorrow to see the space.

    Also, if you live around the West Coast and are looking for a studio to rent, this might be the place for you.

    Of course, if you'd just like to come along to see my Angkor and Beyond exhibition, feel free to pop by too.

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    Saw the shots last weekend, very impressive! Good luck this weekend Phil and Joanna!


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