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    an old school barber shop around my place, who shop seems to fascinate me. Thus i have came up with this shot of him in action. Taken with a wide angle on tmax 400. i got it scanned from negative as well.

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    This is just my 2 cents - I would have framed it to exclude the aircon on the right and got the mirror showing the reflection of the action to catch the eye more in the top right without being to near the edge of the frame.

    That aside I really like the B&W choice for the shot and it is easy to see why you are fascinated with this barber! I really enjoyed this photo!

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    I can see for a fact that he is a person who like to keep birds and I can also see that he keeps an untidy shop
    This aside, I like the tonality of this image. There are black, grey and white tones in the image - characteristics of Tmax films. The photo is rather 'busy' but I think you caught the atmosphere quite well.
    I also like the concentration he is displaying and the blurred hands add dynamicsm to the scene.
    The state of the shop and the key pouch attached to the drawer reflect the 'devil may care' or 'take it or leave it' attitude of the barber.
    Overall, I'd say that this is an interesting scene that you had captured. much does he charge for a haircut?

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    this barber believe it or not, he's called Ali barber by the patrons, extermely joval fella , he's able to speak in hokkien as well. for a time he was keeping an arrowana as well. not sure where is it now. And for the haircut, he charges $10.

    I am waiting to do a protrait shoot of him as well one of these days.

    The mood i wanted from this picture is exactly what you wrote as well. the busy, this is my shop, this is how i go about my life style. that's the whole feel of pic.


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