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    Hi all,
    one often reads that it is better not to have any sharpening,colour saturation etc,etc set in the camera but to rather set these profiles in Photoshop ACR.This obviously only applies to when you are shooting in RAW mode.

    My ?uestion is why does it make a difference if say you were shooting at "level 5" sharpening because you could just turn this off again in pp.Same with saturation etc.

    What am i missing here?

    Thanks for any replies


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    first, some cameras allow you to turn off sharpening if jpeg as well, also colour adjustment settings can be changed in-camera.
    you cannot turn-off effects that have been applied in-camera to the jpeg. They are there. you can only apply more effects to make it look like the effects have been reversed. however that means you are altering the pixels in the jpeg and hence you degrade the jpeg.

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    Wie geht as dir?

    I shoot RAW 99% of my time and the balanced 1% I shoot with jpeg without any compensation to sharpness or colour too.

    For RAW, you basically capture the actual lighting/colours etc at its original state and review and pp in PS or others RAW converter which makes compensation sharpness/colour compensation unnecessary as this may be overally compensated. IMHO, even if you turn it off or re-adjust later the result may be different.

    However, if you are shooting jpeg, it depends on what you intend to do.


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