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Thread: lens choice?

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    Default lens choice?

    hey guys, i'm intending to get a wide lens as well as a normal walk around lens..

    which combi would u guys choose?

    10-20 + Tamron 17-50 f2.8
    10-20 + Tamron 28-75 f2.8

    Not sure on which 10-20 to choose yet but I should getting it a few months after getting the Tamron.

    I'm thinking on the latter, what do u guys think?
    Any recommendations for the 10-20 too? besides Canon.


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    Default Re: lens choice?

    2nd one

    you get more reach
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    Default Re: lens choice?

    the 17-50mm serves as a great wide cum walkabout. But since you are getting the 10-20 as well, just get the 28-75mm. The missing range of 21-27 can be covered by your kit lens or simply by foot.

    happy shooting.

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    Default Re: lens choice?

    hmm then which wide lens do u guys recommend?

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    Default Re: lens choice?

    canon 10-22
    sigma 10-20
    tokina 12-24...

    using the 2nd combo with 12-24

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    Default Re: lens choice?

    2nd choice...

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    Default Re: lens choice?

    just got my tamron from a cs-er.. hmm.. i'm thinking of the sigma 10-20, guess the extra 2mm wide will be better than the 4mm at the 24 end right? =x

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    Default Re: lens choice?

    you get a super solid built from the Tokina and a constant F4 aperture compared to a EX coating from Sigma (that peels for some users) and a variable F4-5.6 aperture..

    but each his/her own...


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