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    Default S30 bundle

    i was quoted by ms colour for canon s30
    $705 for the camera alone.
    $849 - Bundle with electronic cabin,128mb,case ,card reader,mini tripod,digital book& workshop

    the bundle is with gst while i think the price for camera alone is w/o gst. with gst, it'll come to $733. is the bundle worth it?

    electronic cabin $30
    128mb $75
    case $10
    card reader $25
    mini tripod $15
    digital book& workshop $??

    when add up the value should be quite worth it to buy the bundle right? you guys got any recommendations of other camera of around the same spec as canon s30?

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    Like the electric cabin, the card reader and the CF card. these items alone are about 150. But I do not think you should spend 700 for a S30. It is after all, a discontinued product. You are better off swapping it for a S45, which should be about 100 more. Brand new S45 is about 800+? After all, the S50 is coming out soon.

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    Totally agree with fruitybix.


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