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Thread: share with us about your worse clients you face

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    Quote Originally Posted by vince123123 View Post
    Maybe you can write him a receipt, tear it up into little bits, and then put it in a plastic bag for him to take home.

    Nice one!

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    Smile Pro for Nothing. Insults for Free.


    The title of this post is an ironic twist of Dire Strait's Money for Nothing and Chicks for Free. While it's more appropriate to title it No Free Lunch, fellow CS Glenn Yong in an earlier conversation suggested I re-cap my November 3 2006 article about my personal experience with people who think they are clients but aren't

    Sadly, these people are called relatives and they continue to haunt many aspiring photographers or newbies, as they are also called in some circles. This article was quoted by yet another CS member as a reference for newbies to consider before jumping into the world of wedding photography.

    Each of us finds inspiration and motivation in different ways. I hope you find yours in better light than mine but being an optimist, a positive attitude will steer you in the right direction as it has for me. Since I stopped weddings, I channelled the extra time I have into marketing and am now shooting commercials and corporate events where I discover my niche!

    Jan Shim

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