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    Quote Originally Posted by jmmtn4aj View Post
    18-200, anyone?
    i dun quite get you.. sori can you rephrase?

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    if u use a 18-200mm lens no need to worry about sand in ur cam.but u still need to worry about fine sand in ur lens~!

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    The 18-200 is not sealed either.

    Anyway, I think you're worry too much about sand and all. As long as you don't drop it onto the beach or carelessly handle your gear, I don't see why you would face problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lizzy View Post
    it's always a dilemma.... to play or to take photos...

    I do both at the same time... Last time when I had the D50 hanging from my neck and a flying disk in my hand!

    Throw the disk and take shots of the other player

    But now with the D200 dun think can do that

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    Aye bro just bring la, you'll never know when you need them. Just bring your wide and telephoto there, at most if didnt use den dont use it lor

    Just try to avoid changing yr lens in the open when the wind is blowing. or stand against to wind to prevent some dust from entering

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    well i think it;s bst fer ya to leave ur cam at home n go to sentosa n play all u wan .

    n perhaps next time u go there again purely fer shooting .

    y worry ? enjoy photography n don;t let it be a burden to u .

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    my experience tell me a tru pro on tat day...just concentrate on shootin.
    dont half way change den go play water with friend...really...rmb tis pls!!!

    have fun!
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