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    I'm using a X1950 Pro and currently have my 15" LCD on the VGA output of the card.

    I recently got a Dell 24" and then tried attaching it to the DVI input.

    The moment I did that, Windows no longer recognises my 15" LCD and the 24" becomes the primary monitor...the 15" kind of banishes into limboland. Until I had to do a Goback recovery to reset everything.

    EDIT - what limboland means is that even though I disconnected the 24", windows xp no longer displays to the 15" (it could be a port issue rather than a lcd issue)

    During this testing phase, I hope to run both concurrently (clone mode?) , ie not in an extended desktop situation, but each showing the same thing. This is to compare the output on both LCDs with a known parameter.

    Anyone can help?
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    Right click on the desktop and go to "Properties" and choose "Settings" tab. There you should be about to tell the display adaptor you want to "Clone" or "Span" across the 2 monitor. But I doubt it would work well since the size and resolution differences may be too great. Try lor...

    I did it for my DVI 19" and my 17" VGA.
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