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    Default Newbie seeking advise


    I have just gotten my first DSLR and have been playing around over last weekend. I plan to do serious read up over this weekend but I hope I could learn more from the more experienced user here. The photos below are not touched up at all as I have yet to experiment with post production and without tripod. Give gimme all your 2cents comments please!

    Saw this corridor when going for breakfast. Cant hide the bike which is on the left side. Strong morning sunlight hence colour is darken a bit in the shadow. Netherless, the effect of the long corridor disappearing in the darkness is what I am aiming for. Too bad there is light at the end of the tunnel. Heh. S:1/1000 A:F5 ISO:200. Anything I can do to lighten the shot?

    Thanks for viewing and your time to critque.
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    Default Re: Newbie seeking advise opinion....good try...nice orange and least u know what u want ppl to see...hmm...yah...the bicycle is an to hide the bicycle? go beyond that pillar

    but personally, I prefer to crop away the light that appears on the top center...crop till u see the first complete 'A' beam leading to the roof...pillar on the right seems distracting too...though still can see some on the left...but thats not much of a problem...I will prefer to start from two complete pillars onwards...


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    Plenty. Bracket, for one.

    Good shot.

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    Bracketing? Does that make the shot sharper? I will move in closer this coming week. Cause I am getting stares from a shop nearby as I am standing there for 10min waiting for the public to clear. I am going to play around w PS later and see what I can come up with

    Thanks for the comments. I have awed by all the other members here with their wonderful photos. Will definately learn a lot from here.

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    you can always go back at different times/lighting conditions
    maybe the bike might not be there too

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    Default Re: Newbie seeking advise

    Here's a crop and light edit to what you may have been trying to achieve. If you mind, just let me know and I'll take it off.

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    Default Corridor to Abyss


    I have done some post processing from my earlier shots at the same corridor. This is from my earlier thread
    I have heed the advise from fellow Sifus and tried out something.

    I hope to achieve an eerie feeling from the darkness in the middle. I want to create a warped dream like effect that is much like the old yellowed TV set. Please kindly give your comments. I have yet laid my hands on a good PP software.

    Been playing around with MS photoeditor instead.

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    Default Re: Newbie seeking advise

    please note that posting of picture for critique is limited to 1 per week. any editing related to the original post should be posted within the original thread as well.

    threads merged.

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    Default Re: Newbie seeking advise



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    There's a few ways to do it.
    1) Use at longer zoom. It will compress the shot and is suitable for this shot.
    2) Walk a few steps ahead and dun shoot the bike.
    3) PS away the bike
    4) Crop. In camera or in PS.

    The tighter crop is the right crop as the HDB surroundings doesnt help the shot.

    The PS done is too yellowish to my liking. For telltale signs, look at the shadows.. it's yellowish:P

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    i'd say convert the pic to greyscale and play with contrast.


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