Hi all folk,

I ask this question because I guess that from the thousands of visitors to this site,

there has to be one or two that work in the development of digital cameras.

I guess that such a person might not want to expose themselves due to company regulations, but....

It would be helpfull if such a person could register as say, "I-do-it" or "Idesign" etc

So we could fire some questions at them and they could put some ideas straight.

Such as...

Pixel count vs noise (what is the best pixel count per mm) .... what is the optium for a P&S and DSLR.

Benefits of CCD vs CMOS.

Etc etc.

I am shure there are many that have firm beliefs in many aspects, but it would be nice to hear from one that designs the outcome and why.

Does this make sense to you or do you think it is a cr*p suggestion.