Hi hi...have a 3rd hand PS2 for sale. Got it just in Feb to play during CNY. comes wiff 2 original joypads, one fighting stick, original fighting games Tekken4 & VF4. Also comes wiff a 8mb memory card, "chiong" games like Shinobi, DOA2, Devil May Cry 1&2, Onimusha 1&2. The set is fully modded and can play 99% of the pirated games. The serial is 390XX (one of the latest sets). Selling coz now never play at all.

I got the whole package around $600. Willing to let go at $420 or in exchange for Canon related equipment related to the 10D. Am interested in Canon 70-200F4 L or Sigma 70-200F2.8EX (also top up). Alternatively will also consider equipment.