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Thread: self timer mode prob

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    Default self timer mode prob

    hi all,

    may i know that why we need to insert eyepeice cap at viewfinder of dslr during self timer?

    someone say can prevent light enter and interfere exposure, but i dun understand
    how come light can enter via viewfinder?

    is it nessacary?

    thx for ans

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    Default Re: self timer mode prob

    Normally, when you are using a dslr, you frame your picture by viewing through the viewfinder. That way, your eye covers the viewfinder and prevent any light from entering. When you are using a self timer, your eye does not cover the viewfinder. Thus, it is possible for light to enter.

    Now, all dslr uses the through the lens mechanism. That means what you view through the viewfinder is what you see through the lens. Thus, if light goes into the viewfinder, it is possible that it will find its way to the sensor. That's why you need to conver the viewfinder when using self timer.


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