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    i read through alot on these, but can anyone advise me,
    I need a portable device with
    1. inbuilt card reader as long as at least a CF slot, cause i know there are CF adapter for SD card cause i'm using Sd card
    2. able to copy to and back, 2 way traffic (not only backup), so i can do other stuff with it. (i mean without connecting to a PC or a host, purely the device to the cards)
    3. viewing of video, photo is not a must, but at least let me see what files i'm transferin from the device to the cards, let me see the size inside
    4. able to accept all types of files

    anyone brands n model to recommend me?

    I think creative vision Zen can do it, what other device? thanks

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    hmm, tk a look at maxian t600/m800/d900 pmps. it's smth similar to the creative zen vision, but at a higher resolution.

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    I strongly recommend Vosonic 6230i, if you search around in Sim Lim Square, it cost about $280 with 80G HDD. See spec in their website:

    I bought one in Nov 2006, later upgraded to Vosoinc 6390 and sold it away.

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    you can try visiting eastgear too.... they may have some stuff like this


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