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Thread: Are those sinister-looking lights "flares"?

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    Question Are those sinister-looking lights "flares"?

    I went shooting impromptu in a car at night, happily snapping away at the night time road scene.
    Have a question about the picture that resulted...
    Brief description of my picture: car headlights, brightly-lit lamp posts,traffic lights,etc.
    I noticed in the picture that there is a "reflection" of the whole row of lamp posts appearing in the sky, making them look like flying saucers.There were also blobs of green traffic lights that appear in the night sky. My picture had turned out to be unintentionally sinister.

    I read about a phenomenon call "flare" in an article somewhere.
    Can someone enlighten me on this? Are the sinister lights I experienced are flares? If not, what can be the cause? How can I prevent them?

    I hope it is not camera faults cos I just got my 400D for less than a month...

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    Default Re: Are those sinister-looking lights "flares"?

    remove your protecting filters.
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    Default Re: Are those sinister-looking lights "flares"?

    posting the picture and your capture details (EXIF) will greatly help us in solving your problem..
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    Default Re: Are those sinister-looking lights "flares"?

    sounds more like reflections in the filter. We had a recent example of this on the forum about a month ago.


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