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Thread: rechargeable CR-2 batteries??

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    Default rechargeable CR-2 batteries??

    does anyone use rechargeable CR-2 batteries?
    if so, do you have a brand to recommend?
    or suggestions where to get them?

    they seem less common than the standard rechargeable AA or AAA
    Thanks in advance
    Regards, Mark Pang

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    Default Re: rechargeable CR-2 batteries??

    I'm just starting to look into photography seriously, but from my other hobby (flashlights), here is a reputable dealer selling all kinds of li-on batteries.

    He has RCR2... but not sure how these hold up for photography use and whether they fit into all cameras as rechargeable batt sizes (esp. with the protective circuit) can be larger than primary cells.

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    Default Re: rechargeable CR-2 batteries??

    I use on my flash... last longer then Ni-Mh. But it will suddenly dump. Not to mention very HOT too. Bought from Ebay US.


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