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Thread: Deciding btn Pentax K10D or D80??

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    Default Deciding btn Pentax K10D or D80??

    Hi guys and gals,am finally intending to get a DSLR after much consideration. Have narrowed down to this two models, both have great reviews,but some how still need suggestions,advices.Able to advise?
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    Default Re: Deciding btn Pentax K10D or D80??

    Both are very good cameras but personally, I would go for the Pentax given that it has IS build into the body. That'll save me some bucks from getting VR lenses. That's one of the reason why I'm still sticking to my Minolta and going with Sony. You may want to go to the shops to try out the cameras to see which is more comfortable. Afterall you are the one using it and you must feel comfortable with it.
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    Default Re: Deciding btn Pentax K10D or D80??

    Pentax K10D body, battery grip (optional) and DA* lenses are dust and weatherproof. That makes it ideal for taking photos near seasides and swimming pools. There is no need to worry about rain if you are caught in an unexpected downpour. That makes it more versatile camera than Nikon D80.


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