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Thread: need help on manual camera

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    Default need help on manual camera

    hi,i'm a newbie in film photography,though i've been into digital for quite sometime.I just recently acquired my very old Olympus OM10 from my father's closet during my recent vacation to the Philippines.It's till working thought it needs a little maintenance cleaning.I love it coz it was our first family camera.
    I would like to know for some tips how to effectively use this model.Coz recently when i replaced the small battery,it was heating up after few seconds!Also the shutter closed (got stucked) when i took several shots after few attempts on afternoon landscape.
    Can anyone pls advice me on this problem?

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    Default Re: need help on manual camera

    mm... looks like need to go hospital liao...

    Peninsula Shopping Centre has a Camera repair shop called The Camera Workshop. Look for Nelson or Daniel, then ask for their expert opinion.



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