Hi all,

I will be heading to Kinabatangan River, Sabah, again... probably in first week of July. It's may be my last one in a long while. Got word that even though dry season should supposedly start started in early May, it was raining thunderstorm. And many wildlife change in their mating, nesting and breeding bahaviour this year. Right now, the weather seems better, hot and blue skies.

I might be heading over to Layang Layang too. If i can find enough people who are interested. From what i have gathered from the net so far, resident seabirds such as Sooty Terns, Brown Boobies, Brown Noddies seems to nest ard June - Aug period. http://www.tracc.org.my/Borneocoast/...BIRDS_PG2.html

This whole trip ( if Layng Layang is included ), will probably be about 1 week. Between 1st to 2nd week of July.

Please PM me if you are interested. Thank you!