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Thread: bye guys and gals

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    Originally posted by YSLee
    Ah, as expected, after that vitriolic tantrum which far exceeds the ones I've seen the in admin forums back when I was still with the CS admin team (or any 6 year old kid, come to think of it).

    Perhaps you'd like to think what photography is about again. Or maybe not.

    Words spoken like a true spoilt brat. Good bye, and good riddance.
    I second these words....Good riddance and enought attention for you. Now shooosh!
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    Hmmm, i dun post much in the forum, but after reading all the crap about someone who is the same age as me, with such a "fantastic" attitude, i can't help but say something.

    If i've got a son like you, i'll disown you.

    And i think you should stop your NIE job, i don't want the next generation to be corrupted by that immature, big hole talk behaviour of yours.

    What the world needs now, is one person like you... LESS.

    Your Dad bought a 10D, he reserves all the rights NOT to lend it to you, so stop the whinning. *stuffs pacifier into mouth.

    And i tot i've seen all sorts of people in Army and Work.

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    but all i can say is.......


    ps... maybe u shld quit ur NIE job too.. dun corrupt the kids with such thoughts of urs!

    imagine kids going ard sch..
    "my dad sucks! he doesn't wanna buy me a new rubber!. "
    wat u gonna say?
    "yeah! mine too! he doesn't lend me his camera!"

    but maybe u can build up some bonds with ur students this way.. hmmmm....
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    isn't it wonderful to watch people who don't know me, to form strong opinions? people of exceedingly high morals... bla bla bla. weg, sin, ian, klipsch, hackie, yslee, nookie.

    i'm enjoying the show, add to the troll, boys and girls.

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    This thread is closed as it no longer serves the intended purpose.

    It'll be moved out in a days' time.

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