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    First of all,a big hello to everyone in this sub-forum.It's my first post in c&c corner,pardon me for my newbie-ness in photography.

    Truthful critics are strongly welcome.

    Composition:Exploring the different angles & how it can impact the picture.For this picture worked with the theme of creating heights.

    Time of shot:6.00pm@Kovan Community Center

    Image taken by Sony k800i.

    PP:To further emphasize on the height of the pole,i have increase the contrast to make the surrounding light look more appealing towards the subject and intending to creating a deeper surrounding.

    My personal opinion:I think i have successfully emphasizing the height of the subject .but i think i could have stand nearer to the subject to make it more impactfull.

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    actually just the sky will make a smashing pic - the pole kinda of spoil it, doesnt enhance the skies at all. but if ur subject is the pole, taking from bottom of pole can lead to some creative perspectives.
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    my intention is to explore the subject at different angles .. so yea..its an exploration.
    i have noted to take from the bottom of the pole.thanks for the comments and critics.keep on flowing=D.i have learn alot from the critics.

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    good attempt to try sth out of the norm there. I like the fact that the pole breaks the continuity and monotony of how most people will only want to look at the sky.

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    thanks for the c&c.mayb re-title the picture as distortion will be better ? comments please


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