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Thread: bad encounter in cathay photo.

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    Originally posted by 007
    One thing I don't like AP is that it's always crowded with customers during weekends and most of the salesmen are so busy to entertain their customers. so, sometimes need to wait for quite a long time. other than that, quite good also in term of price. Good service also! Think that have to go back to AP liao.
    I agree with you about the crowded bit.

    I guess good shops tend to enjoy more customers and hence more waiting time.
    Shops like song brothers have lesser waiting time to be served but I won't be caught dead in one of them.

    my advice is once you have experienced good service from a salesman in a shop, ask for his namecard and the next time you patronise the shop, I would wait to be served by the same guy, after some time, he will develop a strong customer relationship with you and you will enjoy a better service.

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    Default Re: bad encounter in cathay photo.

    I have bad experiences from CP too, i really dislike the main store, many stuck up sale person. The only people i like in CP is the guys of the tripod section and John from the marina branch. Always get consistent service from them. I remeber i start to buy things from CP was at Marina, was serve by John and after maybe a month i went back again and he still recognise me. THIS IS SERVICE. He really help me with the things i want to buy. Now, when i really want to buy something i can't find i will go straight to Marina branch.

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    Originally posted by newuser
    I think it's not John 3:16, cos I don't think they sold Xbox! (See Radix Lecti's post)
    I think the shop that you're talking about is bob buster. Its an xbox-only shop opened by the same people who publish gameworks and who run and

    their service is really good cuz they're a shop which needs strong community ties with the xbox players. they offer an exchange point for a 10% fee and also allow players to meet at the store to game for free and use as a meeting point to exchange stuff which they wanna buy/sell/exchange as arranged in their forums.

    hehhe.. i not affiliated to their store and never been there before either, but this is what i know of the store.. maybe one day there can be a camera store which is built on such community bonds

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    Originally posted by 1Ds
    They quoted me 1Ds S$13900.00 and tell me is the best price in the market.Almost get from them but manage to get S$12500.00 from other store.
    wah....$1400 different!! can buy a half 10D already!!
    We are HDD of PC & FT are MB add to storage;
    so PC never hangs with enormous storage capacity - LKY

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    Originally posted by Wai
    wah....$1400 different!! can buy a half 10D already!!
    get another "white gown" better, right?

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    Thumbs up Good service

    Today on the way to search for an UR-E8, one of the salesperson CP called me and apologized on CP behalf. He agreed to sell me the piece of UR-E8. I do not know whether this is because of the influence of clubsnap (maybe their boss is surfing this nice forum?) or is it because they have a discussion over this matter? If it is the credit of clubsnap, then I must say, "Power! Some people from CP do really listen to us!".

    But I feel bad for Florence who sandwiched between me and the manager. She is in difficult state to get along with her manager (who is very difficult to get along with). And suppose that the manager call me personally but he appointed another worker to say sorry to me, not sincere enough. The funny thing is that they need to double check the invoice. At that time, another salesman showed the manager the invoice (previously all the salesperson were told not to sell any of UR-E8 without converters) and he has some kind of uneasy expression. Haha. (He deserves that?)

    CP has done what they suppose to do to win their customer back. Unfortunately I am still very dissapointed with CP because of this incident and the way they apologize. I think I will "boycott" CP for few years as a part of my protest.

    Nevertheless, this is just my personal feud with CP and it is very rare to have this kind of incident to happen. Afterall, CP is still a good place that provide reasonable price and good service EXCEPT some "black sheep".

    I am not a fussy person, just that I do not think it is fun to let me to visit the same place 3 times just to get a small S$18 lens adapter (go to CP, got refused, go to SLS, ask many shops, go back to cp, try to persuade the manager, the request being rejected, go to many shops in that area --> being quoted double the price, bad mood -> go home watch VCD, post in forum, rest 2 days, then they apologize, then go there AGAIN, no sorry on the spot, then come back, just for a S$18 small thing which can be done 2 days ago? worth it?). Do you feel that it is fun? A thing that can be settled at once that they need you to make a big round and settle it, I think I was kinda fooled by the unFRIENDLY manager. The way they settle this matter also expose their ineffective after sales service

    ...... and most importantly, I have been exposing my whole "self" under the threat of SARS!!! to travel from my place to CP several times!

    These are only my point of view and my encounter.
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    I think we ought to have to have some kinda button badge which says: 'I'm a Clubsnapper!'

    Everyone who had a bad sales experience.... Breathe...
    Sometimes, people have PMS...

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    But seriously, just my 2 cents on this issue...
    I find that each shop has its complaints and comments.. And that includes AP and CP.

    Whilst I have been going to CP to get all my stuffs, I have tried AP once to get my SB80DX flash (as I was broke, and I need to save that measly $10-20 bucks... ). Well, AP isn't that bad as well!

    And yah, Florence is quite friendly as well.
    She's more or less the filter lady right? I reserved my B+W filters there... Thumbs up for her!

    In short, if you know what you are getting, and you have done your homework prior to your purchase (be it be package contents, warranty issues, pricing issues), most of the shops would be ok for you.

    As long they don't give you faulty products, it should be more or less it...
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