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Thread: EOS Experience Day

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canew View Post
    From the EXIF, the shot was taken on: 17/6/2007 @ 11.55 am.
    Oic, early bird get e early worm. That's y not much ppl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by disegno View Post
    hi Priscilia, Disegno is not a new nick...i dont understand what do you mean by that? you know me? or do you just simply not know what does Disegno means...
    iv been using that nick since many years back...anw,
    apparently you do not understand my post thus the misconception of me contradicting myself...

    you have a very naive understanding of the word 'freedom' and so i presume you are with the mentality that given the freedom of speech, one can talk about anything everything without considering anything else at all?
    think about it again, just like what 7Sins...put yourself in others' shoes
    'do not do unto others what you do not wish others to do to you'

    lastly,precisely this is a Canon thread...objective comments and experiences are more than welcome i should think but personal attacks hmm....
    probably more about photographic experience rather than individual displeasure?
    'blaming the subject of a photo is like blaming the racquet when you cant play badminton well...'
    kiwi2, u have alot to think not sure if that is your real name,priscilia..what's your take on the initiator of this dabate? im interested to know...thnx

    reflect and think more

    I'm going to reply your comments in an amicable manner.

    Just as you think I have a naive understanding of the word freedom, I question if you understand what "freedom of speech" means. Freedom of speech does not mean you slander someone. Or you accuse someone who did something which was not done at all. In the West, sometimes this "freedom of everything" is taken beyond what is appropriate. People carry arms cos the Americans believe they need that freedom. Freedom to also protect themselves.Then when their kids get shot in schools, they get all flustered and wonder if gun laws are too laxed.Then it's a vicious cycle again. Goodness, I never support that kind of freedom. I think it's plain dumb. Their kids and people die in their own laws/hands. But we also know how liberal Americans are. They say anything they want. They make fun of their celebrities and presidents. That's a different story. I'm giving this eg to show how bad things can be over there.

    What about over here? I remember thnking, What's the deal that some people are kicking up here? Personal opinions are just that. You need to differentiate between slandering and expressing personal opinions. If you want to be out in the open, you want to make rules, be a school principal, a figure head, etc, you are bound to face comments. No matter how good you try to be, there will be people who have negative opinions of you.

    A short intro about myself: I used to be an air stewardess (no, not SQ) for a year. I was conscious of the way I look, the way I walk, talk, the way I carry myself. After a short stint, I quit. Cos I constantly thot: What are people thinking of me? We were constantly reminded about personal grooming. I thot it was too much to be so conscious about doing things. My gf is a part-time model. U know how bad it is? People back stab each other constantly. It's a difficult world out there. You read the New Paper yeaterday about the young actor who was so dejected that the one who grooms him turns out to be also one who carried tales about him. He realized what a world out it is there. So if you can't accept comments or know how to deal with them, then quit your job as a model or whatever person in the public. You are not cut out to be one. (Princess Diana literally died because of all the paparazzis and endless barrage of "attacks" from the tabloids.)

    When I studied in the US for a year for my undergrad attachment, I tried to run as student leader in my fraternity. I was out in the open. Guess what? We had to do a lot of "promotions", and along the way, I got slammed, hate mails, and being Chinese and moreover a foreigner, no racist slurs were even spared. (To be fair, some were nice and supportive too.) My Singaporean frend was asking me: "You sure you want to do this?" I said yeah, why not? It's a one in a lifetime opportunity. I learnt to speak up and manage myself. If I wasn't prepared to get all the s***, then I'd have dug a hole in the ground and hid there.

    I dunno if anyone is blaming the subject (model in this case). Who is? They are just personal comments from what I see. What do i think of the initiator of the debate? I wouldn't express my opinions so openly if I were him. A silly cost. But that's not because I don't have any. But I know the culture in Singapore and I've begun to understand the mentality of CS. It's a photography forum anyway and people dun take it too well if you post personal comments on something sensitive.

    Do I think the featured model is pretty? NO. That's my point of view and I make no qualms about it. But that's all I have to say. I won't elaborate like the person or persons involved and get slammed over something I feel personally. Just as I think Spiderman 1 and 2 are much better than Spidey 3. Just as I hate the smell of durians. So what? Those are my opinions and personal preferences.

    You sound like one of those "scared-scared" Singaporeans who want to do things by the books yet try to promote "freedom". Do unto others as you would have them do unto you? Of course. I believe that. But are you from Mars or what. We form opinions of people continually whether you see them on MRT trains as strangers or if you know them as celebrities. You want to proclaim yourself to be of a certain profession, you jolly well perform your job well and be ready to accept comments. How I hate those sales people who try to sell things to me like cameras. But when I ask them for details, they couldn't give me the info. Might as well I read up myself or I can be a better sales person right? How would I feel if I were put under attack as a model or public figure? I'd take it in my stride if I'm serious about my job. Either take the comments seriously or brush them aside. I couldn't take being an air stewardess that was why I quit. Simple.

    The government here is kind enuff to give us the freedom to comment and speak. They've got the Speakers' Corner. Yet, I dunno why, maybe Singaporeans are not very articulate with their words. Very few can argue well impromptu unless you are trained or in the media. And maybe people don't want to invite trouble. Yet, may times some people can't differentiate between making your feelings known with clear evidence shown along the way, and slandering. Slandering is not what I like, neither does the government. And no racism please. But you got to learn how to speak up. We have many opinions but I notice some Singaporeans just learn to "tahan" and swallow all the unhappiness inside. Just speak up! That's freedom of speech to me.

    So just because many don't express their opinions doesn't mean they don't have any. Remember, we constantly form opinions of people. It's a matter of whether you want to express them overtly or not.

    And stop acting like a father figure or authoritatrian trying to tell us or me to "reflect more". I have my opinons, and we are all adults. This is how I feel. I don't need you to tell me to reflect and maybe feel sorry for myself or what I say or how I feel. You have your own opinons and I know you can write a lot more to rebut what I've said perhaps. I respect your opinions but let's not kick up a fuss anymore.

    Juz for your info, I don't want to add any more comments and won't reply to this mail or visit this posting or CS for some time. It's time for my much needed vacation! Yeah...

    To end off, this is something I enjoyed alot. Listen to what drag queen Kumar has to say about Fann Wong and company. Listen to what Hossan Leong has to say about Singaporean men being cowards when buying condoms and sanitary pads.

    I'm surprised they are bold to make such comments in Singapore. But yes, that's freedom of speech for you.

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    Default Re: EOS Experience Day

    Wow - lady with an attitude and you dun get that a lot nowadays.... but I cannot help feeling that this is a cause of mistaken identity. Anyway - have a good vacation.

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    Default Re: EOS Experience Day

    Hi, this thread was started to inform everyone that there is an event happening and for people to share their exprience in the event. It seems that the situation had becoming more personal to certain members and unnecessary OTing. I will close this thread as it has served its purpose and to prevent further misunderstanding. I would suggest this misunderstanding to settle over a cup of coffee. Thousand apologise to those who wish to contribute. Cheers!
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