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    Default BMW badge

    Tv : 1/100
    Av : f4
    ISO : 100
    did not fire flash
    used tripod
    Wasnt exactly planning to shoot anything. It had just rained too. Anyway was walking around my porch and looking at my dads car when i noticed this. Half his car was wet, and I've never taken any wet shots b4. There was lots of reflections in my first shot, eg gate, floor blah blah, so i took a black cloth and shaded the background. Less Ps-ing to do. What i did in the processing was to increase the vigneting, played with the brightness/contrast, mainly to emphasize the BMW logo. Had to crop a little on the left and top. Thats abt all there is. Ok what do u guys think of it?

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    Default Re: BMW badge

    You can try moving the car to cut down on the reflection on the badge...

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    The blue is a bit off though IMHO.

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    Thanks for the comments... Yeah maybe got to start doing some real PS-ing now... The blue does seem a little too bright...

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    One of my fav hobbies (strange to some) is polishing and waxing cars.

    You may want to wax the area around the badge to make the water droplets really stand up, and in uniform distance from each other.


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