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Thread: hmm... 2nd hand lens or body...?

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    Default hmm... 2nd hand lens or body...?

    hmmm.. any dudes out there know the price range for 2nd hand D50 body only?
    wat bout the price of a 2nd hand nikon 18-70mm lens (i think it's the d70s kit lens if i'm not wrong)...

    the 18-70mm its better then the D50 kitlens rite? other then range wise what other +points?

    and how do i actually look for fungus on 2nd hand lens...? i read bout ppl saying watch out of fungus.. but i haven't really seen a picture or photo of fungus on the lens... and how do i know if its jus dust or fungus?

    lastly wat other tips can you guys share in particular of checking of condition of 2nd hand lens and bodies...?

    thanks in advance~!

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    Default Re: hmm... 2nd hand lens or body...?

    Try checking in the "Marketplace" section for the price of lenses and bodies.

    For the rest, this has been covered already. Here are sample threads that a quick forum search brought up:

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    Default Re: hmm... 2nd hand lens or body...?

    2nd hand body. New lens. Remember its the piece of glass that the light passes through that gives you your image quality. i didn't say that the body is not important tho.


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